The pH Miracle: Robert O. Young, Shelly Redford Young
2002, Warner Books, 1st edition, ISBN# 0-446-69049-X

The book claims that the single most important health measurement is the pH level in the blood. It includes over 150 recipes and explains which foods to eat, which to avoid, and which supplements to take on the way to optimal health and weight loss.

Eat Right For Your Type: Peter D'Adamo
1996, Penguin Putnum Inc., ISBN# 0-399-14255-x, 1st edition

Offers individualized diet solutions to staying healthy, living longer and achieving your ideal body weight based on your blood type.

The Yeast Connection: A Medical Breakthrough William G. Crook
1986, Random House, ISBN# 0-394-74700-3, 4th edition

Tells you how to suspect, identify, and overcome the chronic and often devastating health problems related to Canida alibicans, or common yeast. Included is easy to follow diet instructions and recommendations for vitamins, minerals, vegetable oils, garlic, and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Wheat Free, Worry Free:The Art of Happy, Healthy Gluten Free Living: Danna Korn
2003, Publisher: Hay House Inc, ISBN: 1-561170-991-3, @nd edition

This humorous, easy to read book is loaded with practical tips, recipes, menu suggestions, and ideas for traveling and eating out -- wheat free and worry free.

The New Enchanted Brococoli Forest: Mollie Katzen Year:
2000, Publisher: Tante Malka, Inc, ISBN#: I-58008-126-6, Revised edition

Recipes committed to sopthisticated, yet down to earth vegetarian cuisine. A collection of over 200 indispensable collection of soups, salads, breads, dips, sauces, spreads, main dishes, and deserts for everyone who loves heart warming food.

Feeding the Whole Family: Cynthia Lair
1997, Publisher: Moon Smile Press, ISBN: 0-9660346-1-9, Revised addition

Whole foods recipes for babies, young children and their parents.